Copy of I loved this book. I could tell it was in part inspired by Stephen King’s the Gunslinger - captures the feel of that series while being a unique story in its own right. I’m looking forward to book two.

Good Reads review by Lucy

If you like Stephen King's The Gunslinger...

Maynard Trigg and The Creature Beneath The Veil

Maynard Trigg lives a carefree life aboard Catharge skyport until a pirate appears, claiming to be sent to protect Maynard from a dangerous creature. This begins his journey from safety to The Harmony, a great sky ferry.

Aboard the ferry Maynard must grapple with who to trust, and slowly uncovers the truth about his father, his new allies, and must decide if he can do what is necessary to survive.


4.56 stars (100+ Reviews)
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"I went into this book completely blind, knowing nothing about it other than it was a steampunk fantasy. I'm glad I got a chance to read it! Excellently written with likable characters, high adventure, and an interesting, thematic narrative that kept the steampunk feel throughout the book without falling into too many classic tropes.."

Good Reads review by Rob