The Maynard Trigg Series

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The Maynard Trigg series takes place in the world of Veilmakers, sky pirates and Dust.

Dust is a great barrier that separates the earth and sky, forcing people to live out their lives atop ramshackle skyports. These skyports vary from shanty towns to great cities. The white law rules the skies, bringing justice and control to the innerports, while, the further east you fly, the more savage and dangerous the skyports become.

Rumours of revolution, pirate alliances and monsters are rising in the east, finally arriving at the innerports. And some believe a dead King may return to claim the white law for himself, while others defend and love President Ortzworth.

One thing is certain: a storm is on the way, and Maynard Trigg might just be caught in the middle.

Book One

Maynard Trigg and The Creature Beneath The Veil

Maynard Trigg lives a carefree life aboard Catharge skyport until a pirate appears, claiming to be sent to protect Maynard from a dangerous creature. This begins his journey from safety to The Harmony, a great sky ferry.

Aboard the ferry Maynard must grapple with who to trust, and slowly uncovers the truth about his father, his new allies, and must decide if he can do what is necessary to survive.

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The Retrievers of Windsor: A Maynard Trigg Story

The Retrievers of Windsor is a short story that explores Abbey's past, and how she came to be the great warrior and operative she is.

This story takes place between Book One and Book Two. It recounts one of Abbey's exploits as a Retriver, a cross between a bounty hunter and hired thug, and introduces us to the world as it was, before the white law closed it.

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Book Two

Maynard Trigg and The City of Whispers

The City of Whispers follows the events of The Creature Beneath The Veil as Maynard and his allies put The Harmony behind them, seeking shelter at The Crucible, a great school of learning. Maynard is quickly thrust into a mystery as students go missing, and the only source of answers, the Master Detector, knows more than he will say. Maynard must solve the mystery before the white law catches up to him, and he and Abbey end up in chains.

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