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ZeroIndent is a fully independent online publication and press imprint. Maynard Trigg is owned by the author and the people who make it happen behind the scenes because we believe that good stories don't have to be changed to fit trends.


We spent a lot of our waking lives thinking about media criticism, journalism and storytelling. We all share a common interest: what makes a story work?


After years of exploring this question in podcasts, video essays and dozens of late nights with whiskey and Dark Souls, author D.C. McNeill fired off the media criticism Bat-Signal to assemble a team to answer just that question.


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We give a shit about transparency. So we're supported by our audience, and funded by the owners of ZeroIndent. All the books we publish are owned by the authors and we provide fair and reasonable profit share.


We don't advertise products just to make a buck, we promote creators we believe in, and promote the amazing work of our talented writers, producers and e-commerce managers.


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