About The Author

David McNeill was born in Brisbane, Australia to a chemistry teacher and a mathematics, systems luminary. His mother would read Harry Potter to David and his older brother, Alex, when they were very young. During his formative years, David read anything that wasn't nailed down, and wrote terrible novels that his six-grade teacher read and provided kind, encouraging feedback on.


After studying at nerd-school, the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology, David discovered he was much more fond of words than numbers. He matriculated at the Queensland University of Technology, completing a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Bachelors of Business Management, both of which led to the realisation that business is a bit boring and creative writing courses aren't especially good.

David went on to study as much literary theory as he could, all the while working two jobs and penning, what he believed, was the next great Australian novel (it was not).

During his last years of study, David met a fellow creative writer and locally known academic terror, Aron Oroszvari. Aron would go on to help David pick through from a million word manuscript with no real story, and somehow, together, they came out the other side with Maynard Trigg.

Having been published in Yellow Bird Magazine, meeting his podcasting heroes and building a media company, David finally bit the bullet and got to finishing his book.

After many awkward holiday events and bad explanations at dinner parties, David's book, Maynard Trigg, is finally out. He hopes you like reading it half as much as he enjoyed making it.