About The Maynard Trigg Series

Maynard Trigg was an unlikely creation. The dark, post-apocalyptic, sky-bound world of the novel was born in David's high school years. He would write passages of the story during breaks at his part-time job flipping burgers. And he kept writing, and writing, into his university experience and later, refining the concepts, all the while generating more and more content.

In David's own words:

"It really seemed like it wouldn't happen for a long time. I'd written a million word manuscript, and getting anyone to take that seriously as a story is really difficult. But, you know, I found the right people.

The goal was always to write something different. There's lots of kind of bland, middling fantasy and sci fi that fall into a lot of traps, so we went out of our way to make a really solid book that had plenty of intrigue."

After approaching some friends from University, David found the partner he needed to make the book and series he wanted, a reality. The focus from the first day of editing meetings was to make a single, rounded, compelling story - never mind the sequels and the franchising and the checks so big two people need to hold them. David and Aron made the decision early on, and never looked back.



The book follows the titular Maynard Trigg and his adventure as he's launched from his regular life into an adventure that will take him further than he could've imagined.

Maynard starts the story living atop a great skyport, a floating city in opensky full of mud, tumble-down houses, and dark corners. When an old family friend and pirate arrives, Maynard is thrown from his regular life, pursued by a mysterious creature. He must flee aboard an immense ferry to escape the creature but quickly learns the ferry is full of thieves, politicians, liars, and guards more dangerous than any monster.