Out Now: The City of Whispers
A page turning sequel that continues Maynard's story, and deepens the mysteries of this fantastic world and the characters who live there.

"One of those books that you can't stop reading. Seriously, no kidding. Full of adventures, mysteries and with well-built and intelligent characters."

Good Reads review by Aline

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Snow falls on Carthage skyport. Rumours of revolution stir in the east, while the denizens of Carthage prepare for the mid-winter festival.

Among the areonauts and revellers is the loud-mouthed Maynard Trigg, the councillor's son. When a pirate from his family's past appears warning of coming danger, Maynard is swept from his life into an adventure that spans across opensky, drawing him toward the heart of civilization, and embroils him in the storm of a bloody revolution that awaits the resurrection of a dead King.

Welcome to the world of Maynard Trigg.

An unexpected hero

Follow Maynard Trigg, a brash, loud-mouthed youngster as he flees from Carthage skyport into the dangerous world of thieves, revolutionaries and pirates.

"Maynard is very clever, his character development throughout the story is something I loved the most." - Radzy J, goodreads

A strange new world

Discover the diverse and dangerous openskies where mysterious Dust separates the skies from what lies below, and great sky ships ferry passengers and pirates alike from skyport to skyport.

"A fresh and creative world, calling on Gaiman or Rothfuss for inspiration while being page-turning like King. A true blend of steampunk and fantasy, McNeill strikes out to prove that contemporary fantasy need not only be hidden worlds or lazy orcs." - LevelStory Magazine

Stand amongst legends

Join legendary Detectors Abbey Blackthorn, Moony The Crow, and come face to face with the explosive events that inch the world once more to revolution.

"Every character is fully realised, with layered motivations and secrets. Every time I learned something about Abbey's past or the failed revolution I wanted to know more! Seriously captivating world and characters." - Devin, Google Reviews

Unravel a mystery for the ages

Uncover the twisting, dangerous secrets that lay at the heart of Maynard's world as he seeks the truth about his father's disappearence, and why an eldrich creature is pursuing Maynard, unstoppable. Always watching. Waiting.

"The series is worth reading for the Seeker alone. Scary, interesting, mysterious. D.C. McNeill has this eldritch creature lurking in every shadow and behind every corner, leaving you on the edge of your seat." - ZeroIndent Press

"The story is an adventure and mystery, wrapped up comfortably in a low science fiction/steampunk aesethic that is rendered with beautiful minimalism. I recommend this novel for the story alone, and impore review and re-read to unpack the layers at work."

Good Reads review by Sandry

"It was a great, fun read the speeds you along at breakneck pace. I was turning pages and chewed through this in no time. The vividness and imagery is transportative - you do feel like you're IN the journey at many points in the book. Lot's of fun."

Good Reads review by Sam

"D.C. McNeill has done a great job of narrating a fast paced and yet very intriguing storyline. There was never a dull moment, though sometimes it was hard to keep up with the pace but once you get the wider picture, it's fun to get along all the action and drama."

Good Reads review by Immortal Writings

"I look forward to see the next stories in this universe. It's easy to get attached to Maynard. All the others are harder to figure out, and it works well. The world is interesting, even if it's mostly narrowed to the society in this book. The places described looks beautiful."

Good Reads review by F86