Maynard Trigg is a tale told with warmth, sadness and quite some humour - it's like Harry Potter for grown ups. Worth a read, and a re-read.

Anna, Goodreads

"Maynard Trigg and The Creature Beneath The Veil is definitely a book that packs a punch. You'll enjoy it, too, if you like adventure and mystery."

Discover the next great fantasy world

Fantasy isn't about wizards and swords, it's about great stories, told well. Maynard Trigg is a character driven mystery worth reading twice. From the Australian author D.C. McNeill, this story is the next generation of fantasy.

Horror. Adventure. Pirates.

A Strange New World

A Debut Novel From An Experienced Storyteller

David has always told stories - from his podcast that's half-a-decade old, to his many magazine publications, Maynard Trigg is the story he's always wanted to tell.

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