Maynard Trigg is a thrilling, heart-felt mystery set in a world of sky pirates, betrayal and adventure. This page turner will have you hooked from cover to cover.

"One of those books that you can't stop reading. Seriously, no kidding. Full of adventures, mysteries and with well-built and intelligent characters."

Good Reads review by Aline

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Discover the next great fantasy world

Fantasy isn't about wizards and swords, it's about great stories, told well. Maynard Trigg is a character driven mystery worth reading twice. From the Australian author D.C. McNeill, this story is the next generation of fantasy.

Horror. Adventure. Pirates.

A Strange New World

A Debut Novel From An Experienced Storyteller

David has always told stories - from his podcast that's half-a-decade old, to his many magazine publications, Maynard Trigg is the story he's always wanted to tell.

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"The story is an adventure and mystery, wrapped up comfortably in a low science fiction/steampunk aesethic that is rendered with beautiful minimalism. I recommend this novel for the story alone, and impore review and re-read to unpack the layers at work."

Good Reads review by Sandry

"It was a great, fun read the speeds you along at breakneck pace. I was turning pages and chewed through this in no time. The vividness and imagery is transportative - you do feel like you're IN the journey at many points in the book. Lot's of fun."

Good Reads review by Sam

"D.C. McNeill has done a great job of narrating a fast paced and yet very intriguing storyline. There was never a dull moment, though sometimes it was hard to keep up with the pace but once you get the wider picture, it's fun to get along all the action and drama."

Good Reads review by Immortal Writings